How to pair a Amazon Fire TV Stick remote and solve other issues

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By Erric Buttlar

If you have a cheap media streaming stick from Amazon, but the remote control has been giving you trouble. This fast tutorial will show you how to connect an Amazon Fire TV Stick with a remote and solve any other problems you might be having. Ensuring that you may once more navigate the control panel and change settings as necessary. Allowing you to watch movies and TV shows on your big screen TV from services like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and more.

The newest version of Amazon’s video streaming sticks is now 50% more powerful than the previous generation, and it is available for purchase for just £25 (or $25) from Amazon. All you need to set up a new Firestick is a spare HDMI port on your big screen TV, however occasionally the setup won’t work. Users have mentioned that on sometimes they have signal problems, dark screens, or issues loading media from a particular application. With these simple tips and techniques, we’ll try to assist you fix any problems you may be having with your Amazon Firestick.

As previously, make an effort to solve any Firestick-related problems you may be experiencing. It is always a good idea to make sure your house is connected to the Internet and that Amazon’s services are functioning properly. Even if downtime for the Amazon streaming service or servers is quite unusual, it is still worthwhile to check before moving further. Check to see whether you may stream the Amazon Prime service on your smartphone or tablet if you have an Internet connection. If you can access the menu settings and the service is accessible on other devices, make sure your Firestick is correctly put into the HDMI port and connected to your home network. Try the remedies below if you’re having trouble and all you see is a blank screen.

Black or blank TV screen

If, instead of the Amazon Menu seen above, you are seeing a black or blank screen while attempting to access your Amazon Firestick. Verify that your TV is connected to the proper HDMI port. Typically, the source or input button on your remote control is used to operate this input capability. Enabling you to sequentially cycle over each HDMI port.

Additionally, make sure your Firestick is inserted into the HDMI port securely and completely, and note the port number your TV has assigned. This will enable you to choose the proper HDMI port on your TV using the remote. It is also important to make sure your TV is on. Although it may seem clear, occasionally the TV may have entered a sleep mode or something similar. Use the TV’s source or input button on the remote to switch to a different channel, then return to the HDMI port your Firestick is attached to, to verify this.

Automatic software install

If you can access your Firestick’s main menu, but you’re still experiencing trouble playing back media. You should also make sure that the software on your stick is up to date and running the most recent Amazon release. If you see the Amazon logo upon boot and it appears to be present for a longer period of time than usual, that is because Amazon normally installs this automatically during the start-up process. Allowing the Firestick to automatically install any software updates it may have downloaded and is now attempting to install for you is worth waiting at least 10 minutes for. If your stick is still showing the Amazon logo after around 15 minutes, it could be worthwhile to do a factory reset.

Update the software

if you are able to reach the main menu. Go to Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for Updates in order to manually upgrade the Firestick software. Here, you can view the software version that is currently installed and the most recent check. The next thing to attempt is resetting the Firestick to its factory default settings if this is current and you are still having loading or playing troubles and your Firestick is still not functioning properly.

Reset your Fire TV Stick

Before you restore the factory default settings on your Firestick. Simply restarting the Fire Stick by pressing “Select + Play” on the remote control simultaneously for 10 seconds is also worthwhile. This procedure will restart your stick properly and might resolve the problem you are having. If it doesn’t, use the instructions below to restore your Firestick to factory settings.

  1. Open Settings > My Fire TV once more, but this time choose “Reset to Factory Defaults.”
  2. Your stick will be reset after a few minutes of work, allowing it to boot up without any problems once more. Hopefully this will resolve any remote pairing or playback difficulties you may have had.

Pair an Amazon TV Stick remote

The first thing to check is whether the batteries in your remote control are dead if you are having trouble connecting the remote with your Firestick. Replace the batteries inside by simply popping off the battery cover.

Simply press a button to link an Amazon Fire TV Stick control with the streaming adapter.

  1. Hold the Home button down for ten seconds, or until the remote’s LED light starts to flash erratically.
  2. Your remote’s LED should then flash blue three times and you should receive on-screen confirmation that you have successfully linked it with the Apple Fire TV Stick.

Make sure you are within 10 feet of your adapter, as advised by Amazon, if you are still having trouble pairing your remote. Unplug your Amazon Fire TV Stick for a minute, then plug it back in if the problem persists. Next, for 12 seconds, press and hold the menu and back buttons on your remote together with the left side of the circular control. Simply press the Left and Menu buttons together if you are using an Amazon Fire TV Stick from the first generation.

When you’re done, wait a short while before removing the batteries from your remote. You have now reset the remote control and can once again pair it to your Amazon Fire TV Stick by pressing the Home button for 10 seconds.

Use your phone as a remote

By downloading and installing the official Amazon Fire TV Stick app, you may also use your phone as a Fire TV Stick control if you’d like. The software will attempt to connect to your Fire TV streaming adaptor immediately after installation. Simply choose Set up New Device in the app and input the four-digit pin displayed on your TV screen if you don’t see it listed.

Adding a new remote to your Amazon TV Stick

You can quickly link a new remote control with your Amazon streaming stick if you already have one connected and operating by heading to:

  1. Settings, followed by Bluetooth devices and controllers.
  2. Using the Add New Remote option on Amazon Fire TV remotes
  3. Your Fire TV Stick should now have detected and linked your new remote by pressing the Home button on your new remote and the Select button on your old remote.

App not loading

The cache, which is frequently utilized by apps to buffer material as it is delivered from the Internet to your TV, is one of the concerns that might result in playback troubles.

  1. Select “Applications” from the “Settings” menu to once again clear the money on your stick.
  2. Next, choose “Manage Installed Applications” and then pick the software that’s giving you trouble.
  3. A selection of options allowing you to erase the data and cache for that specific app will show here.
  4. After choosing “Cache,” go back to the main menu to verify if the playback problem has been fixed.
  5. Sadly, at the moment Amazon does not offer a simple option to reset all of your applications’ caches simultaneously without performing the previously described factory reset.

Uninstall problematic TV apps

The software may need to be completely uninstalled from the Firestick and then reinstalled if deleting its cache does not solve the problem.

  1. Visit Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications to do this task once more.
  2. After that, pick the application from the list and, from the available options, select “Uninstall.”
  3. Reboot your Firestick by unplugging it from power or the TV, depending on the model you have, when the uninstall procedure is finished, and then plug it back in.
  4. After the stick has restarted, reinstall the programme to determine whether the problem has been resolved.

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