How to search Google using product images, photos or pictures

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By Erric Buttlar

Even though Google provides a broad range of services, like email and search, utilizing photographs to hunt for identical products or precise matches when using Google image search is a fantastic method to locate things. These photographs might be ones you took yourself or found elsewhere.

You may utilize images to locate relevant products or services, even if using Google to perform searches has become regular and the majority of us often use text keywords and phrases to get what we’re looking for using the Google Image search engine. You may drag and drop an image into the Google Image search box or upload a photo from your smartphone. After analyzing the picture, Google will provide a broad range of alternate search results.

Facilitating quick Google searches for the information included in photos, similar images, or websites that actually make use of the image. You may use compatible browsers to do Google image searches on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices running iOS and Android.

On the official website, there are essentially five distinct methods to search using Google by picture. The way each one works changes depending on whether you’re using a computer or a mobile device, even though they all provide the same results.

5 ways to search Google using images

  1. Insert a picture into the built-in search box on your PC.
  2. Using your phone or tablet, choose the picture you want to search for.
  3. Enter the Internet URL of the picture in the search field.
  4. To begin an image search, take a picture using your Webcam, phone, or tablet camera.
  5. Use an existing picture from the Internet to do a more thorough image search.

Computer search

Use one of the supported browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple’s Safari, to search Google by picture on a computer.

  1. Go to by simply opening your favourite browser.
  2. Locate the picture you want to use in your Google search on your computer, then drag it into the Google search box.

By choosing a file and clicking Open or Choose, you may instantly upload a photo from your computer. You may also use your computer to search up a URL. Visit the website where the image you want to utilize is located.

  1. To utilize an image for your search, right-click on it on the page.
  2. Copy the picture URL and paste it into the search area on the Google Images website (
  3. Select the option for picture search.

Android image search

Use a picture or image that is saved on your Android smartphone when you do a Google image search.

  1. Launch the Google app first.
  2. By dragging the mouse down, choose the Discover option.
  3. Select the Google Lens symbol, which resembles a little, colourful camera.
  4. You may use the camera on your phone or tablet to add a picture to your search, or you can use the Photo Picker option to upload a photo from your photo library. A small square sign with two triangular shapes within it, each of varying sizes.
  5. If a circle icon is available, use it to narrow down your search by choosing a particular item or portion of the picture.
  6. Press the picture to choose a region, then drag the box’s edges all the way around your selection to find a certain object, thing, or topic.
  7. Browse the search results to locate what you’re looking for.
  8. If the search results are too broad, consider concentrating on a more specific region within the given location.

Open the Chrome app and go to the page with the picture if you want to use your Android phone or tablet to immediately search for an image on Google from a website.

  1. Next, hold down the mouse button over the picture until the option to search with Google Lens displays.
  2. You may pick the kind of search you want to do by clicking the circle symbol next to a photograph, an item in the picture, or a region of the picture that you want Google to search inside.
  3. By following the directions at the bottom of this page, you may use your Android phone to look for images that are already available online.

IPhone image search

You can do a Google Search by picture using the official Google app, Chrome, or Safari if your Apple iPhone or iPad is version 11 or above.

Use pictures in your photo library

  1. On your iOS device, launch the Google app. You may get it from the official Apple iOS App Store if you haven’t already.
  2. After choosing the search box, pick the Google Lens option.
  3. Take photos with your camera or use the Picture Picker function on your iPhone or iPad to choose one from your picture library and submit them to your search.
  4. Look through the outcomes to discover the one you need.

You may choose a tiny portion of the picture to help Google focus its search if you want to look for more precise results.

Use images already on the Internet

Alternatively, you may use the following link to do a standard image search, choose a picture that best captures what you’re looking for, and then run another search to locate more of it.

  1. Launch an appropriate app and navigate to
  2. Type the name of the item you’re looking for a picture of in the box provided. 3. Choose the picture that most closely matches your search parameters.
  3. To find more of the same on other websites, click the “visual” symbol in the upper right corner of your screen.

Instead of using word searches, which are often used to discover results online, you may search by picture on Google to locate items quickly.

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