All iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets for your iPhone

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By adding iOS 16 lock screen widgets, the iPhone Lock Screen has been updated to be much more adjustable. This is one of the most welcome changes by Apple that allows the users to to add information-rich widgets to the Lock Screen for the first time.

Lock Screen Widgets have only been available on Android phones for a few years, so it’s exciting to hear that they’ll be available on iPhones later this year when iOS 16 is launched.

Widgets now give updates from your applications that you can see at a glance without having to unlock your iPhone to reach the Home Screen, but they’re only minimally interactive in the sense that touching on a widget will most likely merely launch the widget’s related app.

The following is a list of all the stock Widgets that Apple has included in the first iOS 16 beta, separated between those that can be added above and those that can be added below the digital clock.

iOS 16 lock screen widgets: Widgets You Can Include Above the Time Widget

All iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets for your iPhone-1

On the Lock Screen, you can add a widget above the digital clock alongside the date. The stock app widget options available to you are listed below. Many of these widgets use alphanumeric text and symbols to display a single data point.


Days, weeks, months, and also upcoming events


City time zone clock and different alarms


Stats on fitness and activity (move calories, exercise minutes, stand hours)


Different deadlines added by users


A single stock with a positive or negative symbol


Moon phases, sun phases, weather conditions, location, rain, air quality, UV index, and wind

iOS 16 lock screen widgets: Below the Time, You Can Add Widgets

Here are the iOS 16 lock screen widgets that you can add below the time widget on the lock screen:

All iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets for your iPhone-2

There is a wider rectangular space directly below the digital clock where you may stack widgets horizontally next to one other. You can add up to four square symbol-based widgets, two rectangle widgets with additional information, or a mix of two square and one rectangular widget.


ll iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets for your iPhone-3

The Batteries widget is available in both square and rectangular variants, and it displays the iPhone’s battery state. When you connect AirPods, their battery is displayed instead.

Surprisingly, if you use two battery widgets, they will both show the same device’s battery level, rather than showing AirPods in one and iPhone in the other. Hopefully, this will be ironed out during the beta testing period.


iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets for your iPhone-4


Three clock widgets are available, one rectangle and two square, that allow you to view a clock for a city and check the time there.

There’s also a globe clock that shows the time in up to three cities across the world, as well as two alarm clock variations.


iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets for your iPhone-6


The Activity rings visual is displayed in one Fitness widget, while your Activity ring metrics are displayed in a wider readout (move, exercise, stand).


iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets for your iPhone-7


Two widgets in the Home app show any inside climate sensors, one shows any lights and switches, and the third alerts you to any security concerns. You may also keep an eye on a single security device or see a home overview (security, climate, and lights).


iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets for your iPhone-8

The top news story of the day is displayed in a single bigger widget.


iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets for your iPhone-9

A single bigger widget displays the next due reminder and provides rapid access to one of your reminder lists.


iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets for your iPhone-10

You may check price quotations and watch the performance of a symbol throughout the day using two widgets, one smaller and one larger. A bigger widget with three stocks is also available.


iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets for your iPhone-11

Moon events, sun events, conditions, location, rain, air quality, UV index, and wind are all available as optional weather widgets.

In the bigger widget version, just the current weather conditions and moon events are available.

iOS 16 lock screen widgets: More Widgets are on the way

This list of iOS 16 lock screen widgets should not be considered exhaustive, since Apple may add new ones or make changes to existing ones before the general release of iOS 16 in the autumn.

Also, utilizing Apple’s new WidgetKit API, developers will be able to create widgets for third-party apps, so expect a slew of new Lock Screen widgets.

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