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iPadOS 16, Apple’s iPad operating system, has all the amazing features included in iOS 16, but there are also specific iPadOS 16 features that will make the iPad much more like a Mac before. The five most exciting features will be that will be coming on the iPad this autumn. These amazing features are:

iPadOS 16 Features: Stage manager

Stage Manager offers a brand new multitasking interface for iPadOS 16 that’s also accessible on the Mac on macOS Ventura. Stage Manager allows you to have many resizable windows, which is a unique experience when compared to Split View. For more versatility in your workplace, you may organize your apps and even overlap windows. To provide easy access, your main application is in the middle, while the other programs are to the left. The issue is that Stage Manager is only available on iPads with an M1 chip model.

iPadOS 16 Features: Support for External Displays

The iPad Pro with an M1 processor now has complete external display support, allowing it to operate a screen with a resolution of up to 6K. You may use one external display with the M1 iPad Pro running iPadOS 16.

iPadOS 16 Features: New Modes of Display

Its 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Liquid Retina display may serve as a color reference for both mainstream color standards and professional video codecs that demand color fidelity. The iPad Pro may be used as a reference display on the Mac using Sidecar.

iPadOS 16 Features: Application for the weather

The iPad Weather app is now out, and it is very identical to its predecessor, the iOS 16 Weather app. It takes advantage of the iPad’s larger screen to display numerous modules on a single screen. You may also get more information by clicking on any of the weather modules.

iPadOS 16 Features: Freeform app

Apple will unveil a new Freeform application later in the year. The app is intended to function as a collaborative platform to work on projects together with other people. It will allow real-time communications and is suitable to brainstorm ideas, plan projects as well other tasks. It is compatible with SharePlay in Messengers and FaceTime, and it also works with Apple Pencil to provide an experience of a digital whiteboard.

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