By Using Bluetooth, iOS 16 allows you to transfer an eSIM Between iPhones

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A handy new feature in iOS 16 is the ability to transfer an eSIM between iPhones through Bluetooth while setting up cellular service. The process for iPhone eSIM transfer on iOS16 is very easy.

Click on the “Set up eSIM” in the Settings app on an iPhone running iOS 16. You will see an option to transfer an eSIM and its associated phone number from another iPhone through Bluetooth. If you want to transfer an eSIM from another iPhone then make sure that the second phone is nearby. The phone must be unlocked and has Bluetooth switched on. The iPhone model must be running iOS 16 or later according to Apple.

Although the capability appears to be accessible in several countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, Bluetooth transfers of eSIMs issued by carriers that enable the feature are only feasible with carriers that support the feature. Given that iOS 16 was only released a few days ago and is still in beta, carrier support may be restricted for the time being.

Apple also continues to provide the more traditional method of activating an eSIM by scanning a carrier’s QR code.

An eSIM is a digital SIM that lets you activate a carrier’s cellular plan without needing to utilize a physical nano-SIM card. The iPhone XS and subsequent versions support a single eSIM, whereas all four iPhone 13 models support two eSIMs.

iOS 16’s first developer beta was released earlier this week, and a public beta will be available in July. Apple has announced that iOS 16 will be launched in the autumn and that all customers would be able to use the new eSIM transfer capability.

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