How to share your screen with FaceTime call on iOS 15.1

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Apple updated iOS 15.1 and these updates bring several improvements to FaceTime call on ios, so you can do more than just FaceTime your friends.

With SharePlay, you can now share your screen with other people during a call, which is great for choosing movies, looking at photos, or anything else that’s more enjoyable with a group discussion.

The new screen sharing feature on FaceTime call on iOS 15.1

  1. Open FaceTime on an iPhone or iPad.
  2. Go to New FaceTime, add the contacts you want to FaceTime with, then tap FaceTime. Select a recent contact to start a video call.
  3. In the new control panel, tap the SharePlay button when the call has connected.
  4. Choose to Share My Screen from the drop-down menu. It should start sharing after a little while.
  5. When FaceTime screen sharing starts, you can choose any app you want to share with your callers. In the top-left corner of the screen, you’ll see a sharing icon to indicate FaceTime screen sharing is on. You can tap it to reveal the ‌FaceTime‌ control panel.
  6. To get more screen space, you can swipe away from the active caller’s face. When you’re viewing someone else’s screen, you’ll see their name just beneath the top-left icon, along with buttons you can use to send them a message, love what they’re sharing, or share it.


The SharePlay interface lets you watch movies and TV together or listen to music together. All participants will see the same synced playback and controls when watching movies or TV shows.

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