The notch is here to stay, even if iPhone 14 drops it

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Mr. Notch is here for a long time, back in 2017, with the launch of the iPhone X series. This design became a worldwide star when it appeared on the cover of the iPhone X.

Okay, so the iPhone isn’t a publication and it’s not an individual but we should think of it as one of those celebs nobody loves however they’re ubiquitous.

Many reliable sources confirmed that the 14th addition to Apple’s iPhone lineup will ditch the notch and will adopt a new design that contains a pill and cutout (laying “i” shaped) for the front camera and Face ID sensors.

Unfortunately for those of us who don’t like an oblique notch on our phones and prefer a notch, the iPhone 14 won’t mark the end of the line in any way. The feature is in the making and is only now beginning to show up on other devices, other than smartphones…

Notch is coming to the laptops

The notch is here to stay, even if iPhone 14 drops it-NotchLaptops

The Apple iPhone 13 is not the only phone that has a notch at the moment. The Latest Pro version of the MacBook 14-inch and 16-inch models also features an iPhone-like notch that is in the middle of the top bezel of their display.

We can say that Apple is bringing the top design of its top iPhone models to its flagship MacBook Pro models. It is also a fact that Apple doesn’t have a better choice to choose from right now to allow its brand new Pro laptops to sport extremely slim bezels around the screen and a front-facing camera.

However, the Cupertino firm sporting the fruity and healthy logo isn’t the only one with laptops that are now equipped with notches actually – Windows PC makers have beaten it to the beat by introducing reverse-notch laptops.

For instance, if you’re in the market to buy a laptop for gaming at this moment, you’ll most likely come on Lenovo Legion 7 and its reverse notch. It looks like this:

The notch is here to stay, even if iPhone 14 drops it-NotchLaptops-2

This is an option to create space for the front camera and to keep the bezels as slim as possible. Are you more impressed than the standard notch that we’re familiar with? It’s your choice to choose.

It’s been revealed that the Lenovo Idea pad 3 ThinkPad Z16, several contemporary HP laptops, as well as others made by various brands are now all equipped with the notch. Apple is slowly bringing notch to all of its MacBook lineups from 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro to the upcoming MacBook Air 2022 Models.

It is possible that we can see the notch on displays on upcoming laptops if under-display cameras don’t get sufficient quality.

In the meantime, if under-display cameras don’t get sufficient quality, we should surely expect laptops to get either reverse or standard notches for their front cameras.

This is the outcome when they try to achieve super-thin bezels for the displays of their devices. However, there is a different tool other than the best laptops in the race for these.

Notch is coming to the tablets

The notch is here to stay, even if iPhone 14 drops it-NotchTablets

In our last examination of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, we were not even a bit upset about the absence of a headphone socket and the truth that indeed, this tablet sports a notch that resembles the MacBook Pro.

The reason is quite simple – it’s so small and with bezels that are tiny that there’s not enough space to accommodate a headphone socket or two front cameras to be able to fit. Therefore Samsung chose to add a notch for the latter.

Just like laptops, we should expect that the next generation of flagship tablets will get a notch on them since the bezels that surround their screens continue to grow smaller and smaller to the point where there’s not enough room for a front-facing camera the display.

Teardrop notch is coming to the Phones

The notch is here to stay, even if iPhone 14 drops it-teardownNotchPhones

They were once everywhere now, teardrop notches are mostly reserved for phones with budgets However, they’re not likely to disappear anytime soon.

Only recently, we had a look at a smartphone that will be released soon – the teardrop-notch Samsung Galaxy A33 5G.

Budget phones are a wildly successful (and very crowded) market that’s why it’s safe that they won’t be moving towards hole-punch cameras or even under-display models soon. Having a teardrop notch is a reliable and more affordable option and easy to produce.

The notch is here to stay, even if iPhone 14 drops it-tearDropNotchPhone-2

From the affordable options from Samsung and Motorola and Xiaomi’s under 250 dollars, some of the top phones that are budget-friendly today sport the teardrop-shaped notch. While this isn’t a completely new phone design in the same way as notches are commonly used on tablets and laptops, we can predict it will be in the market for several years.

What are your views on notches coming to the laptops and tablets?

We’ve arrived at the bleak realization that we’ll live in a world full of phones with notchy screens for two or three years or possibly longer. However, cameras designed for devices with under-display get better quickly and decrease in price and will be utilized on smartphones, tablets, and laptops in the near future. This will happen eventually, however, it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon likely not.

What are your thoughts about this? Are you ok with a notch on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone? Tell us in the comment section below.

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