Waterproof iPhones: an overview

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By Erric Buttlar

iPhones have been water-resistant since the iPhone 7 was released. Here’s how it works in the rain.

Apple advertises with people spilling drinks over iPhones, but they don’t seem to cry. The reality hurts. It’s been a while since iPhones were protected against water damage, but still not enough to go swimming with them.

I like that it’s waterproof. Every iPhone since the iPhone 7 has done this. It’s amazing. It isn’t water-resistant.

It’s no longer possible to survive a dunk.

Apple warns you as the wine overturns.

A lot of people search for it in a panic when their rice doesn’t work, and it doesn’t help.

Observations Ability To Be In Water Applying HP
iPhone 6 and 6S 0 0
iPhone 7 & Max 1800 seconds at 1 meter IP67
iPhone 8 &Max 1800 seconds for 1 meter IP67
iPhone 10 For 30 minutes in 1 meter IP67
 iPhone XR For 1800 seconds at 1 meter IP67
smartphone (Second Gen) 30 Minutes in 1 meter IP67
iPhone Xs & Max case For 30 Minutes at 2 meters IP68
For   iPhone XS for 1800 seconds at 2 meters IP68
Apple 11 PRO & Max  1800 seconds at 4 meters IP68
iPhone 12S & Max. 6 meters up to 1800 seconds IP68

So if you should never splash water on that iPhone, knowing your limits is a good option. Let’s look at a few theoretical limits.

Apple chose not to announce that the iPhone 7 was the first water-resistant model.

It is possible to fit an iPhone with a variety of liquid-resistance products

Several models have the same level of resistance to water ingress (IP) rating, but not to ingress of air. Defining protection ranges is IEC standard 60529, published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Windproof Gadgets

You can buy the complete documentation from the IEC for more details. The IP67 and IP68 ratings of iPhones, which are dust-proof, are designated by the number six.

After 30-minute testing, it was found dust-proof and IP67 rated at one meter deep.

iPhones rated IP68 come in more varieties. It should keep working longer because it is rated IP68 and not IP67.

A device that meets IP68’s requirements can be up to three meters (9.8 feet) away from the source. In order to meet IP68 standards, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 are both tested at a depth of 4 meters and 6 meters, respectively.

Keep in mind that the IP rating does not always indicate water resistance. Water will be able to enter the device but will be unable to cause any damage.

Getting a wet iPhone: what should you do?

  1. Shut down your iPhone
  2. Clean your iPhone with a soft, lint-free cloth
  3. You can remove liquid from the Lightning port by tapping the iPhone gently
  4. Do not turn on your iPhone until it has dried naturally

Deepwater workers: what to do

Waterproof cases are available. Waterproof cases are just more resistant to water than ordinary cases. In some cases, waterproof electronics can be used to take underwater pictures for a while.

A case such as the belief Waterproof Case for iPhone 12 Pro is waterproof up to 6 feet (2 meters) deep and can withstand immersion for up to one hour. Also, it can survive up to 10 meters of water, although the time limit isn’t specified.

IP68 rating is not detailed, but it is common. Some devices are only waterproof.

iPhones and water don’t mix, and this shows that water resistance is a challenge.

Apple’s decision to make iPhones more water-resistant is welcome news to all of us. Despite this, we should never drop our phones in ice buckets, or make comedic drops in the bathroom.

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