Taking Sim card Out Of iPhone

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By Erric Buttlar

iPhones can make calls when they are connected to a SIM card. Don’t lose your SIM card. Here’s how.

When SIM cards first emerged, they were embedded in plastic that was about the size of a credit card, and these cards were the first of their kind to become popular. In the process of becoming more complex, the handset circuitry shrank as a result, but subscriber identity modules became more common.

As a result, now you can easily hold a SIM card between your fingers. You will therefore have to remove it from your iPhone or install another one.

Furthermore, they must be inserted the correct way around, as well as the correct way up. People rarely change their ways, even if they are required to do so a lot.

Unlike one iPhone SIM card, every other SIM card can be inserted into a tray. Each model has a different location for this tray. Sim cards with virtual SIMs, or eSIMs, are an exception to this rule.

SIM card tray location

When you face your iPhone screen, the SIM tray is on the left side.

The iPhone 12 version

Mini iPhone 12

A review of the iPhone 12 Pro

An iPhone Pro Max with a 12-inch screen

Possibly, the next iPhone will have it on the left too, but that is still a mystery.

There is a SIM tray on the left side of the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Apple’s iPhone 3G and 3GS feature a tray on top.

It does not matter where the SIM card is located, it has to be removed. However, be sure to remove it carefully.

If SIM cards are placed in the tray, one corner has been cut off so it is clear in which direction to place them. This doesn’t mean that SIMs cannot be inserted the wrong way around.

If your iPhone is stuck on the SIM card, follow these steps to remove it

  • Switch off the iPhone
  • Put the SIM card holder where you want it to be
  • Next to it, place a hole
  • Use either a SIM eject tool or the end of a paper clip to remove SIM cards
  • Pull the tray out partially
  • To remove the tray completely, pull it out

If you purchased a new SIM, you probably have a SIM eject tool. Another option is to use a partially straightened paperclip.

SIM cards can be removed without turning off the phone. Although static electricity can damage the device itself or the card, manufacturers, including Apple, have warned against it.

Follow these instructions to replace your iPhone’s SIM card

It is possible to remove Sim Cards by reversing the removal process. Due to its small size, the small card is easy to lose.

In the SIM card tray, insert the new SIM card so that it is facing the same way as the old one you removed. Push it into the SIM card slot.

Press firmly on the button. The SIM card won’t work if its outer edge doesn’t lie flush against the body of the iPhone when it’s correctly inserted.

When pressed back in, it becomes secure without a paperclip.


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