Force Restart your new iPhone 11 or Plus

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By Erric Buttlar

For Apple iPhones with a Home button, there are different steps to force restart your iPhone 11. Here’s how.

Although it’s unlikely, you may never have to restart your iPhone. At some point, you’ll have to restart it. There are different ways to do this today as well as in the past.

The same procedure applies to iPhones with an iPhone X-style design, that is, but without a Home button. Stop:

Connected volume up and sleep/wake

Sliding to turn off the device when prompted

Hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears to restart the iPhone.

The only method Apple describes is this one. The official support documents offer a brief explanation of how to shut down your iPhone.

In our experience, this is surprisingly slow. After a long time, the Apple logo reveals when we hit a button throughout a stopper.

It doesn’t matter whether that’s true or not, though, there’s a more surefire way.

You cannot slide off your iPhone if it has serious issues.

Even so, you can always force a restart. It is important to press and hold the Take naps and Audio Up button yet again. Initially, the iPhone must reboot rather than shut itself down.

Boost the volume

Hold volume down for a moment

Sleep and wake buttons

When the slider appears, don’t let go of the hold

When you grip the iPhone, the Apple will display.

Take proper care.

Pushing the two linked buttons together displays the closing page rather than holding down the volume and Nap keys. As an alternative to the regular switch, it includes an Emergency SOS button as well as a Slide to Power Down.

A countdown begins immediately when you click the button. The iPhone will call the emergency services if you hold those buttons long enough. You don’t want paramedics on your doorstep, but your iPhone was in a bad way.

Your iPhone will come to life if you follow these instructions carefully.


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