What we can expect about iPadOS 16 from the upcoming WWDC 2022

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The features that should separate iPadOS from iOS

Back in WWDC 2021 event, when iPadOS 15 was announced, it disappointed us all because of the lack of new features. We can say that the features on iPadOS 15 were more of a catch-up to the iOS 14 features. The highlight of iPad OS 15 was that it enabled the users to add the widgets on the home screen.

The new multitasking options were also appreciated but they were not such a huge improvement for the iPadOS. But these improvements were not a huge upgrade for the majority of the people so they shifted from iPad to other MacBooks like the new Mackbook Pro 14-inch 2021 or Mackbook Pro 16-inch 2021.

Now Apple confirmed a virtual WWDC 2022 for June 6, there are healthy chances of the release of iPadOS 16 at the event. We hope that with this upgrade, iPadOS will be separated from iOS by adding new features that are exclusive to the iPadOS users. We hope these features will also justify the “Pro” in iPad Pro.

What we can expect about iPadOS 16 from the upcoming WWDC 2022 -2nd

With this mindset, here are the 5 features on our wishlist that we want in the new iPadOS 16.

1. iPad with external monitor support

This feature is a long-awaited feature and most iPad owners have been waiting for this feature for a long time. At current iPad connectivity with any external monitor, iPadOS only mirrors the display of the iPad on the external screen. The worst thing is that the resolution is also not adaptive so when you connect a display with the external screen, iPadOS will show the same resolution display on the external screen. It means there will be large bezels on the external screen.

Nowadays, almost every professional workers like to use two to three external displays to complete his work. These displays are very easy to handle as the users can swap apps and windows very easily. This feature is available on macOS and Windows 11 and works fine.

In the current iPadOS 15, this feature is not available. We expect that Apple will add this much-needed feature to the new iPadOS 16 so that we can connect a display with our iPads. If Apple gives this feature to the new iPadOS 16 then we will be able to swipe and change apps and windows to the second screen by using the full resolution of the external display.

2. Lock Screen with a refined design

We all know that in various categories of the iPadOS, it looks like a copy of an iOS feature on a larger size. One example of this is the lock screen of the iPads. The lock screen on the iPad is very much similar to the one on iPhones. In previous versions of iPadOS, Siri was also guilty of covering the entire screen on the iPad, but thankfully Apple solved this problem by refining it into a more compact menu in iPadOS 13.

We expect that now Apple will refine the iPad lock screen and launch it at the upcoming WWDC 2022 event. A refined lock screen will save up the space on larger screens like 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

It would be spectacular if Apple brings the widget to the lock screen. A default weather widget with some space for widgets of the user’s choice. It would be a nice touch to see some widgets on the left swipe, just like on the home screen.

3. Record more than one person in a call

For content creators, recording more than one person in a call is their biggest wish. It will be a great update for the people who record the podcasts for professional use. People use different social media apps like Apple’s FaceTime, Skype, etc. to contact each other, and currently, there is no feature on the iPadOS that allows the content creators to record more than one person on a call.

This feature will allow the iPad users to record more than one person in a call separately and save the file of each person on the call separately. These individual files can be used for later work like making podcasts.

By bringing this one feature to the iPadOS, the iPad can be used as a portable podcast Maschine for the content creators. The users can do all the podcast-related work like recording a person on call then editing this podcast file on Garageband or Ferrite and then saving it as a reader to deliver the file after editing.

4. Final Cut

Currently, there are some apps like iMovie and Luma Digital for editing purposes but after the debut of Apple silicon’s M1 chip on iPad, some of the content creators want a more powerful tool like Final Cut on the iPadOS so that they can use this extra power for editing purposes.

Final Cut is the pro version of Apple’s editing software that allows the users to do heavy tasks on it. This could be a huge compliment for the content creators if Apple adds the Final Cut Pro to the iPadOS. Doing this will also improve the workflows as the user can carry heavy projects from their MacBooks to the iPads. The users can use one app for editing on iPad as well as on MacBook.

5. Improved picture-in-picture support

Earlier, this feature was exclusive to the iPadOS. But later Apple introduces it on macOS and iOS 15. But it is a fact that since the debut of this feature on iPadOS 9, there is no upgrade on the feature. It would be a good chance if Apple upgrades it on iPadOS 16 release in WWDC 2022.

Some of the recommended features for this app are, that the app must have a timeline slider. Secondly, The user will be able to place the video anywhere on the home screen of the app. Currently, you can online place the video below the menus. On macOS, You can place the video anywhere you want by holding the command button and then dragging the video to the selected place on the home screen. These features, if arrived on iPadOS, will increase the use of the application on iPads.


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