Add a second screen to your smartphone with castAway

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By Erric Buttlar

Whether you want a speaker in your pocket, a strong supplementary battery, or a second screen with excellent quality, the castAway case is a brilliant new platform that adds a range of accessories to your smartphone.

A Qi wireless charging battery, a wallet with a Qi wireless charging battery, and a Universal Case that will allow people to use all of castAways mods with ANY phone case they choose are just a few of the new benefits that the team behind the castAway screen smartphone case has added for people to enjoy via Indiegogo.

By adding a case, castAway makes it simple to add a second screen to your smartphone, giving you access to a tonne of additional functions. With the castAway case, you can easily access files and photographs from either screen, launch multiple applications at once, copy, or paste. To discover more, see the video below below.

“We clearly heard what you said. We’re pleased to inform that castAway has been developed into a comprehensive platform after taking into account your comments. We’re still providing a second-screen experience, but you can now add a range of accessories to your case to match your specific needs.

“What was once a luxury is now a necessity: a second monitor? Today, switching between displays and apps is the norm. It’s simple to add a second screen to a computer, but what about adding a second screen to your smartphone? Even when you are away from your computer and actively engaged in other activities, you still need to multitask. Introducing castAway case, a great new gadget that gives your favourite smartphone a second, ultra-slim screen. Using the tablet with a strong Chromium operating system, you can multitask while you’re on the road.

Features of castAway include:

  • Any iOS or Android phone can connect to the castAway case, which keeps functioning even after you take the phone out of it.
  • It has a dual boot option that enables you to instantly transform it into a bigger keyboard, trackpad, or game controller for your phone.
  • It has a high-resolution capacitive touch screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, front and rear cameras, as well as an audio port.
  • You may increase storage and unload photographs from your phone using the integrated SD slot.
  • The built-in battery can power your smartphone while serving another purpose.

The castAway case is your second screen, designed by electronics industry veteran Ken Mages, who has 40 years of experience. To construct this remarkable gadget, Ken enlisted the help of two former Microsoft and Intel executives, a talented product designer named Joe Jasinski, and a former head of industrial design at Dell. By Intention. A clever global magnetic hinge with a pending patent is used in the castAway case design. The second screen tablet side of the hinge is where the magic happens.

“Your smartphone will see and feel just as it would in any other premium protective case when the tablet is removed from it. The hinge design makes it easier to support a variety of devices. Every main model kind of smartphone has a specific fit for the case’s smartphone side. That said, there are many unique (lower volume) phones for which we are developing a universal case back that works with the hinge.

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