How to increase your Snapchat streaks

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By Erric Buttlar

If you’re wondering why your Snapchat streaks aren’t getting longer or are failing to surpass a specific threshold. This fast tutorial offers a wealth of tips and recommendations on how to increase your Snapchat streaks and keep your Snap streaks increasing every day.

We’ll go over everything you need to know to build impressive Snapchat streaks, giving you the background information you need to get started and an understanding of how they operate. Additionally, you should explain how you can develop them with the aid of your friends and followers.

So what exactly is a Snap streak or Snapchat streak? A streak, then, is when you and maybe a friend or other Snapchat user have shared a few Snaps recently and for at least three days in a row. It’s crucial to understand that this covers the whole process of sending a Snap to somebody, not simply the act of conversing with them. If you’re already curious about the longest Snapchat streak, several people have surpassed 2,000 snaps, even if there isn’t an official scorecard at the moment.

Snapchat streaks explained

Once a streak has begun, a new emoji will then show next to your SnapChat username. Telling your acquaintances or buddies that you have been snapping continuously! The number next to your new flame emoji indicates how many days you have been on a certain Snap streak with that person. For instance, if there is a 5 next to your flame emoji, it indicates that you and your buddy have been exchanging Snaps for 5 days straight.

The crucial Snap streaks number is located in the discussion tab next to your friend’s name. If you can reach 100, a special emoji will show up next to the flame to represent the achievement. The more Snapchat trophy icons you unlock, the longer your streak has been. More and more distinctive emoji will start to appear alongside your streaks as they get longer.

You and your companion must keep exchanging Snaps inside that crucial 24-hour window if you want to keep developing your streak. Fortunately, SnapChat will make it easier for you to remember which streaks are coming to an end by changing the emoji to an hourglass to indicate that your critically important Snap streak is about to expire. So, as soon as you see this hourglass indicator, snap your pal back right away to extend the streak. Alternatively, you may ask them to snap back at you. As soon as the hourglass indicator appears, nobody knows exactly how much time is left before your streak expires. At the moment, the Snapchat development team is keeping this knowledge a secret.

Grow your Snapchat streak

  1. Daily Snaps to send
  2. The Snapchat streak will begin after 3 consecutive days.
  3. Keep sending and receiving Snaps every day to extend the streak and unlock new emoji’s.
  4. A Snap must be exchanged between the users within 24 hours.
  5. Chat messages are not included in your streak.
  6. Pictures and videos contribute to your streak.
  7. Pay attention to the hourglass and act promptly.
  8. If the hourglass is visible, send your buddy a message to remind them to keep taking pictures.
  9. Growing the Snap streak requires cooperation between you and your friend.
  10. Using your Snapchat Spectacles to share images and videos does not contribute to your streak.
  11. Only sharing photos or videos to one buddy will contribute toward the streak’s growth.
  12. Contact Snapchat’s customer service department if you believe your streak was accidentally erased.

Snaps sent to pals within groups, however, do not count toward your streaks. You must exchange Snaps with just one specific friend or acquaintance on Snapchat in order to make one. Even if you send a Snap to a buddy and they respond within the permitted 24-hour period, the worst might still happen. Sometimes Snapchat accidentally ends a streak. Don’t wait to contact Snapchat’s support team by clicking here if this should occur.

If you’re serious about your Snapchat streak, it’s also important to know that Snap sent to other users containing Memories or Spectacles material will not count towards your streaks. So don’t get caught out? Below are a few more hints and tips on how to keep your Snapchat streak growing daily and a more information for those users new to Snapchat.

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