How to use find my phone on Android

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By Erric Buttlar

Find My Device is a useful tool included in Google’s Android OS that works with both tablets and smartphones to help you locate your phone on Android. You may use this article to learn how to use find my phone on Android

Android’s Find My Smartphone feature makes it simple to find your devices using a computer or another Android device. This function must first be configured on your Android handset before you can use it to find a variety of devices.

How do I set up Find My Device on Android?

You will need to first enable the Find My Device function on your Android smartphone before you can utilise it.

On your smartphone, go to the settings menu to accomplish this. On your Android phone, navigate to Settings, select Security, and then find and enable the Find My Device feature.

I can’t find this feature on my device.

If this function is not displayed in the options, your manufacturer may have installed an alternative programme. You may still utilize the Google Find My app, which can be downloaded straight from the Google Play store; additional details are available here.

Following the instructions above will enable the app in settings once you have finished installing it. Turn on the option by going to Settings > Security > Find My Device.

How do I use this feature to find my Phone?

You can quickly track the device if you misplace it after the function is enabled and the app is loaded on your Android phone.

If you have enabled the capability, you may monitor your device directly from Google’s website or from within the app on another Android device, such as a tablet. To access Google’s Find My webpage, click this link.

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