How to make FaceTime calls on Android

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By Erric Buttlar

If you want to utilize FaceTime on Android, this tutorial will teach you everything you need to do to talk with your friends on their iPhones from your Android phone. FaceTime is incorporated into Apple’s iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

There is a method to utilize video chat on your Android smartphone and on Windows devices even if Apple hasn’t yet released a FaceTime software for Android phones.

FaceTime connections, which enable anybody to join a FaceTime chat using their Android Phone or Windows device, were introduced along with iOS 15 by Apple.

How do I use FaceTime with an Android Phone?

You must connect to someone who has an iPhone in order to use FaceTime on an Android smartphone.

They will need to share a link with you, which they may do in a variety of ways, including through email, text message, and more.

Once you’ve got the link, click it to access the FaceTime call. The iPhone user will then need to approve your call before you can begin. Once this is finished, a FaceTime call on your Android smartphone will function normally.

You will have the same controls after joining the call as you would if you were using an iPhone. You may also turn off the video while changing the camera from front to rear and muting your microphone. Additionally, you have the option of ending the call at any time.

How does an iPhone user invite an Android Phone to a FaceTime call?

As previously indicated, an iPhone user must invite an Android device to join FaceTime.

On their iPhone, they may accomplish this by choosing Create Link after launching the FaceTime app. Now that the link for a new FaceTime call has been made, your buddy may send it to you.

You may get the URL by email, text message, WhatsApp, and a variety of other channels.

Each time an Android user wants to make a FaceTime call with an iPhone user, they will need to be emailed a link.

FaceTime calls may be made on any device with a camera since they are all conducted via a web browser. This includes iPads, Windows PCs, and a wide variety of other devices.

Unfortunately, Apple has not yet made a specialized FaceTime app for Android available. However, we are hopeful that they will do so in the future. Visit Apple’s website for additional information on how to utilize FaceTime on non-Apple devices.

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