How to use the Spotify web player

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By Erric Buttlar

One of the most well-liked music streaming services is Spotify. On several platforms, including the iPhone, Android phones, other devices, and the Spotify Web Player, it is accessible as an app. It was founded in 2006, has a large music collection that contains all of the most recent songs, and offers both a free membership with advertisements and a premium subscription.

You may use Spotify on a variety of devices and play music directly from Spotify in your web browser with the Spotify Web Player. Like on your Mac, PC, or even on your tablet or smartphone. Numerous web browsers including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, Opera, and many more will be compatible with it.

It supports a variety of gadgets, including Apple’s Macs, PCs, tablets, and more. Basically, Spotify music streaming is accessible to anybody with a web browser. When you want to utilize Spotify online but don’t have your device with you, it may be useful. You may utilize Spotify and a third-party device, as well as the online player.

How do I use the Spotify Web Player?

You must create a Spotify account to stream music using the online player. The accounts come in two flavours: a free account sponsored by advertisements, and a premium account. You will need to pay $9.99 for the premium account. These accounts will function with Spotify’s online player in the same way as they do on the app.

You may use Spotify online after you’ve created an account. To accomplish this, open your web browser and go to This is shown in the image above, which displays how Spotify’s online player appears. The photo shows how similar the UI is to the app version.

After arriving to the aforementioned URL, you must log in using the account you made before you can start using Spotify to play music directly via your browser. You can create a free Spotify account if you don’t already have one. The bulk of the material on Spotify is accessible with the free version; advertisements fund this.

You can see your Library, Playlists, Liked Songs, and more on Spotify’s website, and it functions just like the app and desktop versions of the programme. The online version also allows you to add new playlists and do other things. It is identical to the app version, but in a convenient web browser format.

The web-based version of Spotify gives you access to all of your playlists and songs, exactly like the app and desktop versions of the programme.

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